My dear Danielita,

How do you do that? Each year you look prettier and are more and more precious to me. You know that I post each year on our anniversary: “Sometimes, even after all these years, I wake up and look over at my wife sleeping peacefully beside me and think ‘Man, is she lucky.’” You know that I am the lucky one.

I still love that you are laughing about my jokes … and stupidity (think Modern Family…Phil Dunphy: “Only I can take my wife…”).

You continue to be a tremendously amazing woman, wife, and mother. We all love you so much!!! Over the years we are growing more and more together – I utterly enjoy that.

It amazes me what you have accomplished so far here in Peru (think Maribel and more), and I am thrilled to see how the entire adoption will work out.

The Lord, who has everything in His hand, keep and bless you, giving you out of His hand everything you need.

I love you!

In Christ. AMEN.