A Prayer for My Wife / A Letter to Her

My precious wife,

Now we have been living in Peru for almost 10 months. And as always you are already communicating fluently with those around you. Your ability to hear and listen amazes me. Not only does your language ability amaze me, but your creations of new relationships with so many people (like neighbors, parents at school, caseritas, etc.) is so beautiful to observe. Thank God for such an amazing woman!

Again, you have made the transition to another country as smooth as possible. Thank you! Thank you for helping me live, thank you for enduring me (muchas veces), thank you for following Christ diligently!

You are as beautiful as before (no, you are actually growing in beauty, if that were even possible in your case!) – inside out.

May your Creator strengthen you and guide you in this new year!

I love you!

In Christ. AMEN.