A Prayer for My Wife/ A Letter to Her 

My precious wife,

Times are changing but you remain as beautiful as I saw you for the first time. No, you are turning prettier (within and without) each year.

Guess what? It is time for another move. And you are as busy as ever in making that transition happening. Where would we (where would I) be without you? Thank you for being the person you are!!!

You will probably be speaking Spanish within days we arrive in Peru. There is a beautiful song by Bruce Springsteen where the chorus goes something like this:

“I wait for you. Should I fall behind, wait for me.” In my case, we can scratch the “should”. Thank you for your patience with me. Thanks be to God for giving me such a gift!

May He make your wisdom and beauty blossom. May you find your strength in Him – and in Him alone.

I love you!

in Christ,