A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him 

Joel Caleb, now this is your first birthday in Arequipa (Peru). Many things have changed … food, language, friends, school, surrounding. But you have managed it very well. You even found a very close friend (who also speaks German).

You keep improving your skills of handling your emotions and are growing in many aspects. The pre-puberty phase is already starting and many more changes will head your way. But I am sure that God will use that time as well (for you and for your parents).

This year you have also made a wise decision of not continuing with soccer because you wanted to try out basketball. That again means leaving your comfort zone and a possible trip to Barcelona with your former soccer team. We are proud of your decision as you saw also the necessity on focusing more on the school as well.

May God continue to help you in growing to be a man! God with you, my son!

We love you.

In Christ,