A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him – Joel Caleb Turned Thirteen

My dear son, Joel. This year’s birthday was special on two accounts. First, you have now officially entered the teen-years. You are thirteen, wow! It seems to me you were just a little boy yesterday. Second, due to the coronavirus we had to stay inside…no friends could come over. But we have made the best out of that situation. We played Wii-U, played in our backyard, had tons of sweet food, and watched a good movie next door (in the guesthouse). That was a lot of fun!  

I am very proud of you. You have to deal now with many changes. Although we had our “ups” and “downs”, you are managing more and more emotions. We love you. Thank you for being patient with us as well.   

Trying to let you go and become more and more independent is not as easy as I thought. May God help both of us. You have grown so much, and I am very excited to see what God has in store for you this year – He is full of surprises. Maybe we will be adopting another son/brother this year. Who knows? … well, … He does.

God with you, my son!

We love you.

In Christ,