A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him – Joel Caleb Turned Twelve

My dear son, Joel. What a year has gone by. Not only have you improved on your Spanish (now speaking it without accent) but also on your schoolwork. When you have set your own learning goals (and pace), you have managed very well. I thank God for your diligence and perseverance.

You are still helping your brothers and serve them when needed. Thank you! It is a joy to see you grow in so many aspects of your life. May you prosper and find your place in this world. It is greater with you!

This year they might be some more changes heading our way, but I am more than sure that our Heavenly Father again will see us through and guide us to do His will.

I know that your dad is less and less chévere for you and I try not to embarrass you too much (… maybe here and there some kisses while picking you up from the school bus …).

God continues working in you and I am eager to see what this means for you and us in this coming year. God with you, my son!

We love you.

In Christ,