A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him 

Dear Timothy,

my little „I-know-it-better“. Another year has passed and it amazes me how well you have settled here in Arequipa. You have a bright mind and you are grwoing more and more into a man. I thank God for you!

To us it is also wonderful to see that you are creating friendships in school and church. May God guide you in choosing persons so that you might be a blessing to them (and hopefully they to you too).

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for Tim. Thank you for his gifts. Thank you for letting him be part of our family.

This year you have chosen to play ping-pong and you play it like a pro. I am looking forward to our new house and hopefully a table to play ping-pong with you … maybe, but only maybe, I will let you win once or twice 🙂

God loves you Tim, we love you, and your friends and wider family love you! May you grow in God’s love so that you can reflect His love to those around you.

In Christ. AMEN.